Zennies Green Energy

In partnership with Lition. Exclusively for ZENJOB.

  • 100% renewable energy from independent producers.
  • Germany’s most price-competitive energy tariff.
  • Expat-friendly. English speaking customer service.
100% Ökostrom
Am 1.Juli 2020 tritt das Konjunkturpaket der Bundesregierung in Kraft. Die Steuer auf den Nettopreis für Energie sinkt für den Zeitraum 01.07.2020 bis 31.12.2020 von 19% auf 16%. Bei Lition geben wir selbstverständlich die Senkung der Mehrwertsteuer an den Kunden weiter. In der nächsten Jahres- bzw. Schlussrechnung wird die Senkung explizit berücksichtigt und ausgewiesen. An der Höhe des Abschlags und des Tarifs ändert sich nichts.
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Your Benefits

Germany's best energy tariff exclusively for Zennies:

  • Safe: 171 € average annual saving & 95% less carbon footprint.

  • Flexible: No fix contract. You can switch every month.

  • Share the good energy: We plant one tree in your name.

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Plant a tree

For every ZENJOB employee signing up, Lition and the organisation PLANT FOR THE PLANET, will plant one tree in your name, which will help to grow the forrest and absorb harmfull CO2 from the athmosphere.

You get a tree voucher and are able to digitally track the location.
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Powered by Lition

Lition is a green energy marketplace set to disrupt the traditional utility companies. Through, blockchain-powered energy trading technology Lition purchases green energy directly from independent producers without unnecessary middlemen.

With ZenJob and Lition you help to green up the grid. You can sign-up simple and easy in 5 minutes. Even if you contract is still running for up to a year, you can switch now and we will automatically switch you over in the future.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

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    Get a quote

    Enter your ZIP code and consumption.

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    Sign up in 5 min.

    Get your green energy tariff quick and simple.

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    We do the rest

    We cancel your contract and you switch-over to us.