Lition, Your Green Energy Provider

  • Germany’s most price-competitive energy tariff.
  • 100% renewable energy from independent producers.
  • Expat-friendly. English speaking customer service.
100% Ökostrom
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Who is Lition?

Lition is a disruptive Energy supplier that can offer the best prices, which are even lower than on price comparision sites. And truly green.

This is made possible due to modern, Blockchain-based Technology that connects producers and consumers directly, without any unnecessary middlemen.
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100% English Customer Journey

Your German is not yet ready? Nothing to worry about, with Lition all the processes are not only easy but also in English. Sign-up in only 5 minutes and enjoy the cheapest green Energy available.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

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    Get a quote

    Enter your ZIP code and consumption. Calculate your monthly payment.

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    Sign up in 5 min.

    Get your Green Energy tariff quick and simple.

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    We do the rest

    We cancel your contract and you switch-over to us.